Information about our fabulous show can be found here, including show times, ticking information, show venue and other important items.

If you are a contestant and need info, start here



If you are competing, supporting someone who is competing or are an avid natural bodybuilding, and you need stay in St. Louis to see the show, start here. We have some good pricing setup with our hotel vendor.

Want a high resolution copy of the shows poster. Feel free to grab this jpeg file. Print it out and post it at your Gym. Print is out and post it at your home after you win! 

If you want to stand on stage at one of the premier natural bodybuilding competitions in the US, click here and join us. Whether your are an amature or professional, we would love for you to compete in St. Louis. Click below for access to  the entry forms.



7 Years Drug Free

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7 Years Drug Free

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JUNE 27th, 2015